Does Your Company's
Wellness Program Take Place in
an unhealthy Environment?

If you are like many of today's enlightened organizations, you initiate and support programs designed to foster your employees' wellness. But do you know that your work environment, specifically your building or office space, may actually jeopardize their health as well as the operations critical to the success of your business?

Improving And Maintaining
The Best Air Quality For Over Two Decades

TechClean’s science-based technologies and state-of-the-art solutions keep your workplace environment safe and clean.

The term Wellness Buildings applies to a building/work space that is designed and maintained to generate a high degree of clean air flow through the building. When the proper technologies and techniques - such as probiotic cleaning - are put in place: two powerful results are achieved:

Air quality - and thus
the well being of
employees - improves


Energy usage becomes
more productive,
reducing costs and
increasing efficiencies.

TechClean has the experience, assets and knowledge to help facilities managers
achieve an important human and financial equation:

Wellness Building


Wellness of People



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